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RF ONE will continue to embrace and introduce innovative products to meet
the needs of our global customers.

  • Coaxial Fixed Attenuator (DC-40G, 2W-2kW)

  • Coaxial Termination (DC-40G, 2W-500W)

  • Step Attenuator (0-70db, 1db step)

  • Flexible Cable Assembly (Up to 67G)

  • mmWave Coax Adapter/connector(Up to 67G)

  • Low PIM Components (170dbc termination/filter)

  • Waveguide to Coax Adapter

RF ONE Electronics

EMI Shielding Solutions

Standard and Custom Designs:

We are a global supplier of EMI shielding products for commercial and military markets.


A leader in the RF shielding field for over 10 years,  designs and manufactures both standard catalog and customized shielding products. The complete shielding product line includes all sizes, shapes, compositions, mounting options, and seal types.

Products include BeCu EMI shielding contact strips (fingerstrips), conductive elastomers, wire mesh, filters, honeycomb vents, board level shielding, metalized fabric shielding, conductive foam, and shielded windows.


Distributors over PAN INDIA.


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