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RF/mmWave/Microwave Products

RF One Electronics is one of the leading providers of

RF attenuator/termination and RF/Microwave components:

Since 2002, we have been deeply committed to the goal of supplying superior quality, cost-effective and a comprehensive line of attenuator/load products. Now we have expanded the offerings synergistically with a variety of high-performance components including RF adapters, cable assemblies, attenuator and terminations, filters, directional couplers, power dividers, waveguide parts and more to serve worldwide customers.

Features of our Products

1. Comprehensive: You can find attenuators from 2W to 2KW up through 23GHZ with 0-60db values.  

2. Competitive Price:  Thanks to the growing RF/Microwave industry in China and our strategic partnership with qualified suppliers, we are enabled to save you more in money and time.

3. Short lead time: e.g standard lead time for most high power attenuators is 2 weeks as we fabricate the chips in-house and stock many of the housings.

4. Quality Assured: 100% RF test and a 1-year warranty for all products

Our products range from military-grade small SMP connectors to 2kW coaxial attenuators, main
categories are listed below. RF ONE will continue to embrace and introduce innovative products to meet
the needs of our global customers.

  • Coaxial Fixed Attenuator (DC-40G, 2W-2kW)

  • Coaxial Termination (DC-40G, 2W-500W)

  • Step Attenuator (0-70db, 1db step)

  • Flexible Cable Assembly (Up to 67G)

  • mmWave Coax Adapter/connector(Up to 67G)

  • Low PIM Components (170dbc termination/filter)

  • Waveguide to Coax Adapter

  • Thanks to our highly professional sales representatives worldwide, RF ONE has proudly been the
    approved vendor to Indra, Viavi Solutions, Teledyne Paradise Datacom and indirectly to ACE Technologies Corp, Kaelus etc.

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